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Great Entertainment and Shopping Experience at Robinsons Mall in Angeles City within the Philippines

Where’s Robinsons Angeles

Robinsons Mall in Angeles City is among the major shopping malls within the city’s downtown area. It’s located along McArthur Highway in Balibago, Angeles City. If you are coming off course from San Fernando you will need to review the Abacan Bridge. You will find the mall for your left after crossing the bridge. If you are originating from Clark or Mabalacat, you will need to drive towards the northern finish of McArthur Highway and discover the mall for your right right before dealing with the Abacan Bridge.

Things to Buy where

Robinsons Mall has three levels or floors where different shops and boutiques are categorized together. You’ll usually find junk food stores right alongside one another. Searching for the store or item to buy will not be very difficult because the mall is not really that big.

Individuals who wish to conserve on luggage space, originating from other nations or else, will discover this mall a significant convenience. Many of the things you’ll consider getting along with you inside your suitcase are offered here, sometimes in a cheaper cost. Like the majority of malls within the Philippines, you will find this mall a conglomeration of various shops and boutiques.

You will find watchmakers, eye put on shops, pharmacies, hardware and do-it-yourself shops, and computer shops around the bottom floor of Robinsons Mall. The mall’s mall and supermarket will also be around the first level. A few of the popular junk food stores within the Philippines like KFC, Jollibee, and Goldilocks are on a single level.

The 2nd degree of Robinsons Angeles has more boutiques and shops. This is when you will find the majority of the stores that sell clothes along with other stuff you will need for the remain in Angeles City. You may have jewellery stores, sports, perfume stores, wine shops, gaming arcades, photo shops, along with a couple of snack bars.

The final degree of Robinsons Mall provides extensive cell phone centers, Internet cafes, coffee houses, accessory stores, health shops, and movie houses. You may have shipping companies and gift shops around the third level. You will find snack bars that sell pizzas, donuts, and frozen treats.

Food and Shopping Cost

The costs within the boutiques and shops is going to be quite the typical you will find within the Philippines. Food will vary from P100 to P500 for the way much food you order. Junk food usually averages around P200 for any good meal. With respect to the commodity you are purchasing, clothes along with other similar products will average around P300 to P500. Computer rentals in Internet shops will average around P30 an hour or so. If you are in Robinsons Mall only for snacks then you will be spending typically P50.

Robinsons Mall is among your very best self shopping options in Angeles City. The mall will not be that difficult to find as it is located across the city’s major thoroughfare.

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