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Don’t Miss These Trending Styles In Sunglasses!

It might seem like a generic statement, but women can never have enough of sunglasses. Every year, top brands, designers, and fashion labels come up with new styles and designs, and eventually, celebs and models are seen sporting these sunglasses, turning simple ideas into trending options. Of course, you cannot buy it all, which is why we have listed the trendiest ones, so that you can find your pick. Make sure that you check for eye exam near me and find an eyecare center that offers the most amazing collection of sunglasses.

It’s all clear

Clear, transparent or translucent frames have been in trend for a while now, and this extends to sunglasses, as well. The idea is all about minimalism, and you can wear these sunglasses anywhere you go – from the workplace to the beach and nightclub.

Super-pointy cat eyes

Some of the biggest celebs, including Rihanna, were spotted wearing cat-eye frames, but these are much more point, almost having an acute angle that may seem impossible on paper. The trend has this ultra-chic appeal that makes it a classic hit for workplace, or any event where you need to show off your animal instinct.

Over the top

Oversized sunglasses and eye frames are no longer seen as the ‘return of the vintage’. These are pretty much mainstream, and the shape is no bar anymore. In fact, big-sized aviators and octagon shaped sunglasses have been in vogue for a while now.

Be square

If pointy cat-eyes are not your thing, go for large square sunglasses that look fashionable and chic on almost everyone. With big sunglasses, you have one big advantage – Protecting your eyes and skin around it from sun damage. Some of these designs are actually overdone but worth an investment.

For the love of tortoise

Tortoiseshell sunglasses refuse to die down, and in fact, the trend has emerged as a top choice in eyeglass frames, as well. Tortoiseshell designs don’t have to be boring. You can go nerdy with your glasses, or else, simply choose something that’s minimalistic but hints at the trend.

Final word

Sunglasses from known brands should be your first pick, and you should be checking the level of eye protection that you get. Think of sunglasses as an investment for the closet, which not only protects the eyes and skin, but also takes your style quotient to the next level. For more details, find the right eyecare store near you.

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