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A Basic Guide for Learning to Play the Guitar

If you would like to learn to play the guitar, there is much to consider, and it will take a long time before you can play at an intermediate level. Some people teach themselves how to play the guitar, and with free online resources, it is possible to learn the basics without ever having a single lesson.

  1. Buying your First Guitar – It is not essential that you buy an expensive guitar at the very beginning, and with affordable new and second-hand musical instruments in Sherborne, you can buy a basic guitar that will see you through the first learning stages. It is important to decide what type of guitar you wish to play, there are electric and acoustic guitars, for example, and you should think about which you prefer to play.
  2. Learning the Basic Chords – In order to learn to play any music, you first have to learn some basic chords. D, C, G, E and A are the basic chords and either a guitar instructor or an online resource can teach you where to put your fingers to create the correct sound.
  1. How to Tune a Guitar – This is very important, as incorrect tuning will result in the wrong sound, and all beginners are advised to learn how to tune a guitar. The very top string has the lowest sound, and as you move down one string, the sound becomes higher. The correct sequence of chords to tune a guitar is; Top string E, then A, then D, then G, then B, and finally, E. Once you have mastered tuning the guitar, you can tune your guitar periodically, as it will require tuning from time to time.

Buy a second-hand acoustic guitar, which will be fine while you are learning, then when you become a proficient player, you can buy a better quality guitar that suits your style of play.

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